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Madelaine believes strongly that a properly detailed and executed marketing and sales plan achieves the best results for you when buying mar vista real estate or venice real estate. The following series of specific actions describe what we do to evaluate you mar vista real estate, prepare your mar vista real estate, market you mar vista real estate, negotiate for you venice real estate or mar vista real estate and sell your mar vista real estate for the highest return on your investment possible. We employ the most effective marketing and advertising strategies to sell mar vista real estate. Marketing Savvy Matters. We create intriguing marketing materials for mar vista real estate, and ads that tell a story about your venice real estate property, to make your mar vista real estate property stand out from the mar vista real estate competition. We use the latest social media and mobile technology to promote your mar vista real estate, that puts your mar vista real estate property at the top of the buyers mar vista real estate search. The right venice real estate marketing creates a perception of mar vista real estate value and is imperative to getting your mar vista real estate sold for the optimum price. Experience Matters. Knowledge of market conditions for mar vista real estate, creating a perception of value for mar vista real estate, and in negotiations for mar vista real estate where experience really counts, can save time and money. The Right Agent Matters. Combine all these strengths with a Sales and Marketing team and you get extraordinary results on your mar vista real estate sale.
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  • Tracy GingHelped me sell a home Absolutely great to work with! Wed, Jul 16, 2014

  • Madamerasulo reviewed Madelaine Kolisnyk 07/10/2014 Helped me buy a home We are so happy with the home that we found only with the help of... Read More »

  • wendyhoward100 reviewed Madelaine Kolisnyk 01/22/2015 Helped me sell a hom What a lovely person and an amazing Real Estate agent Madelaine... Read More »


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